SL Series Standard Model

Timpte Hopper SL Series Standard Model

Available in lengths of 40′ and 42′. The SL Series was first
introduced in 2009, and has been one of the hottest selling trailers on the
market. The sloped front and rear body style, smooth formed rivetless Ag tub
corners, and 25″ ground clearance are all features of this model.  See below for more Trailer Specification.

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APPLICATION Recommended for transportation of agricultural and industrial bulk commodities.
KINGPIN SETTING20”- Single I-beam with 3/8” steel flanges, 1/4” steel full-width pickup plate.
SIDE PANELSPre-painted white .048” and .063” aluminum, corrugated on 4” centers.
Lower Rails-Aluminum 7-11/16” high extrusion.
Side Posts- Aluminum extrusion 1-3/4” z-posts on 12” centers.
Side Top Rails-Aluminum 5-5/8” x 6-1/4” extrusion.
Interior Lining-.048” aluminum.
REAR PANELSCorrugated pre-painted white .048” aluminum panels and extruded aluminum posts.
ACCESS SYSTEMAluminum ladders, handholds, and platforms are mounted on both the front and the rear, with a flip down step mounted to the base of the rear ladder.
NOSE PANELSSmooth pre-painted white .063” aluminum.
FRONT CORNERS3″ x 4″ rectangular tube, mill finish aluminum.
NOSE ASSEMBLYExtruded mill finish aluminum construction.
15 degree rearward slant. assembly.
LIGHTS & WIRINGSide Lamps – Includes 2 rows of 3 lamps each side;(3) amber L.E.D., (2) red L.E.D., (1) amber L.E.D. mid turn/marker lamp.
Nose Lamps – (2) High mounted amber L.E.D. lamps.
Standard High Mounted Rear Frame Lamps – (5) red L.E.D. marker lamps on rear header.
Rear Tail Lamps- (6)-4” diameter, 7 diode L.E.D. lamps, grommet mounted.
Electrical-All weather-pack automotive style connections, sealed to prevent corrosion.
Common ground.
Conspicuity Tape: Red and white reflective tape mounted in line with bottom row of side marker lamps and full width across rear of trailer.
White reflective tape mounted on top corners of rear frame. (All lamps and wiring comply with FMVSS 108).
SUPPORT LEGSSquare legs, with roadside removable crank, low-profile 10″ square cushion foot shoe with, “No Lube” feature, 50,000 lbs. lift capacity.
Located 94” from Kingpin.
HOPPERS96”wide trailers formed .125 aluminum panels with side slope angle of 43.5 degrees, center and end panels with slope angle of 33 degrees, split tub design.
102” wide trailers side panels of .080” aluminum with side slope angle of 43.5 degrees, center and end panels of .100″ aluminum with slope angle of 33 degrees, riveted split tub design.
Front and Rear End Slope Panels-.080” aluminum supported by aluminum channel with Z shaped crossmembers, 33 degree slope angle.
Divider Panel – .080 aluminum supported by bulkhead crossmembers.
TRAPS26″W x 36”L openings supported by a robust structural trap frame.
The trap plates are 1/4”aluminum with steel stiffeners supported by double sealed steel ball bearings with a plastic internal seal.
102” wide trailers Add 6” to trap opening width. Hopper clearance 19”.
TRAP OPERATORSEach trap is opened and closed by a manually operated 1″ diameter shaft connected through a U-joint to the double rack and pinion gears using a removable crank.
There are trap locks at each crankshaft.
The double rack and pinion gears drive at both sides of each trap plate.
SUSPENSION23,000 lb. rated air ride suspension, 17” ride height, 71-1/2” or 77-1/2” track with 23,000 lbs rating 28-spline camshafts and “Q+” linings.
Suspension subframe long beams are 4” x 8” x 3/16” rectangular structural steel tubing.
Crosstubes are 6” x 8” structural steel tubing.
HUB & DRUMCast ductile iron hubs with cast high-alloy, gray iron outboard mounted drums, hub piloted.
BRAKES16-1/2” X 7” “Q-style” quick-change brakes complying with FMVSS 121 with 5.5” auto slacks and 30/30 spring brake chambers – 4 sensor, 2 modulator anti-lock brake system with constant power supplied by center auxiliary pin.
Exceeds the minimum requirements of FMVSS 121,S5.5
WHEELSEight (8) 24.5 x 8.25 white steel disc painted, hub piloted.
TIRESEight (8) 11R24.5 radials.
MUDFLAPS1/2″ Black heavy-duty rubber Mudflaps, 24″W x 30″L
TARP18 oz. black roll tarp system with rear mounted crank.
Three molded black plastic sidewall protectors.
TARP BOWSEight (8) – 9” rise galvanized steel arch type on 42’ trailers, seven (7) on  40’ trailers.
COATINGBlack protective metal coating on all steel parts.
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